Middle School Debate Program

Key Information

Dates: June 25 – July 8, 2023


July 9 – July 29, 2023

Location: In-Person

Tuition: $2200-$3300

($300 non-refundable deposit required for registration)

We are pleased to announce that the California National Debate Institute will be in-person for the summer of 2023.

Middle School students are now welcome to apply for either the 2-week Public Forum session or the 3-week Policy Debate session. We will have Middle School specific programming during each session.

Students will be provided with a diverse set of affirmative and negative arguments when they arrive so practice debates and speeches can begin on the first day. Participants have access to the facilities and resources of the country’s leading public university to help them develop their research skills throughout the camp through further individual case-writing. Unlike other camps that merely focus on the camp topic, our instructors will provide intensive instruction on every topic area for the upcoming season to set our students up for success throughout the entire year.

The institute has a strong commitment to maintaining a low student-to-staff ratio that ensures individualized coaching. A special emphasis is placed on helping students refine their speaking and argument techniques through daily practice debates and speeches, as well as an end-of-camp tournament. At many camps, students get stuck with two or three instructors assigned to lead their lab. At CNDI, we work to ensure that all students have access to any instructor through daily open office hours, lab leader rotations, and case-writing workshops in small groups.

Students will be provided with high-level instruction that will prepare them for a competitive and successful debate season – regardless of where or how they debate.